Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Last Post (Farewell)

Well folks, you can see that I haven't been blogging lately... I'd even like to blame it on laziness, but I've realized that it's not about blame, it's about focus. The random thoughts and opinions I've put up here started out as fun, but I cannot put forth the effort to maintain a consistency that would be satisfying to the masses and ultimately myself.

The bloggers that have inspired me to start this thing continue to entertain, frustrate, enlighten and infuriate me. However, it is time for me to close this "chapter" of my electronic ramblings to focus on other projects. The anvil awaits, and I haven't even smelted the mental ore needed for my own success. I have fired up the smelter, however...

So, carry on smartly people... you'll be hearing from me again.