Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Even Faster High Speed Internet! Things non-techies should know. (tech talk, can cause drowsiness)

Cablevision today announced it would be releasing super-fast internet, with 101mb download, 15mb upload capability.


Some people will be thrilled to death, and spend the 100 bucks a month to get this speed. Okay, now here's the next question, and all of you who think this new 100 megs a second is a boon to your existence, let me clue you in on a little secret that the broadband companies don't want you to know:

Your internet is only as fast as the site you're accessing.

That's right. If you go to Google, you'll get 300kbps. That's KILO, not MEGA. If you go to most web sites, the amount of speed you'll get is usually waaaaaay less than 1mb/sec. Unless the pipe, from every switch from that website to your computer, is processing at 100mb/sec, you're only getting whatever speed is the weakest link, and most of the time it's way less than 1meg a second.

So, before spending the 100 bucks a month for the fastest of the fast, just do yourself a favor. Go run some speed tests (, to find out how much of the bandwidth you're paying for you're actually getting. I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard, "Well, I'm getting 6 megs from Comcast, why is my service so slow?" Because the system is only as fast as the weakest link, and most of the time, the weak link is the providers themselves.

Think of it like this: If everybody has a size 100 pipe, and the website has a 10000 pipe, that means only 100 people can be accessing the site at the same time for 100 megs a second. 1000 people? 10 megs. 10000? 1 meg. And to top it off, most web sites limit the amount of bandwidth you can receive, which is usually around 300kbps.

All I'm saying is, if your service sucks now, it's 99.99% of the time because the provider you have sucks, not the amount of bandwidth you're paying for. I've fought with Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, Clearwire, Hughes satellite, Embarq, and a whole lot of rinky-dink internet providers, so believe me when I tell you it's all about service, not size.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fat people, a civil rights issue?

I hope the ride to hell is on a rollercoaster, because I might just be on it. I thanked some woman today on the way to work, and it went something like this "THANKS FOR TAKING UP THE ENTIRE F*CKING INTERSECTION YOU INCONSIDERATE BITCH!". Apparently, she, and her child in the back seat, heard me, because she proceeded to lay on the horn while flailing her arm at me, which I couldn't see too well through her tinted windows. I hope the scene plays out later of her child saying things like "Mommy, what's a f*cking intersection?" and "Why'd he call you an inconsiderate bitch?".

But I digress. The topic here is obese people. Apparently, a lot of these obese people are trying to advance civil rights for themselves, claiming that they are being paid less, treated poorly and overall shunned by society. Okay. I can see being a little indignant because you're a few pounds overweight. BUT, And it's a BIG but here (pun intended), YOU BROUGHT THE PROBLEM ON YOURSELVES. I don't care what quack you see that says "it's a glandular problem", or what not. If you didn't eat like crap, eat too much of that crap, and got up and walked a mile or two twice a day, you wouldn't be this quivering mound of gross. If you can't fit in a f*cking airline seat, YOU'RE TOO GODDAMNED BIG. I'll make exceptions for those who are extremely tall for the airline argument, but overall, if getting the mail from your mailbox causes you to breathe heavy, you deserve NO sympathy from the non-fat. I've been to England, France, Amsterdam, and you know how many obese people I saw there? NONE. Not a one. Okay, maybe a couple. I saw thousands of the best looking people I've ever seen. Out of a thousand, I'd say one was fat. So, is the food not as fatty? Does their pasta not contain carbs? No, it's the same stuff. But they don't eat as much. They walk around. And they dont' supersize it.

I think an airline has every right to charge you for the extra seat if you don't fit in the f*cking seat. These fat people also claim that employers don't pay them as much. You want to know why? BECAUSE YOUR BODY TYPE SAYS LAZY. People don't look at skinny people and say, "You know, he looks like he doesn't work hard enough because he can't afford enough food!", they look at fat people and say "Boy, if he'd put down that doughnut and do some WORK, he might not be so fat!" Yes, we discriminate. Why? Because people who are obese a) often smell funny, b) are NOT fun to look at c) make the most disgusting noises when they breathe d) they're always breathing heavy as if that walk 38 feet was the hardest thing EVER, e) compain all the goddamn time about "How hard it is to lose weight" while they're ordering 10 cheeseburgers and a diet coke.

Bottom line? Get a bicycle. Walk 2 miles a day. PORTION CONTROL. Drink water, lots of it. And for the love of God, STOP BLAMING SOCIETY FOR YOUR FAT. If society is to blame, then ALL of us would be fat, not just the 1/3 (what a disgusting number, btw) that are. You have image issues because of YOUR perceptions, not ours. Civil Rights. Maybe I should start getting my skinny friends together to bitch about how fat people are ruining MY civil liberties, as in, I shouldn't have to endure YOUR stinky, disgusting self in public. I am free to express my opinion, and frankly, you obese types are disgusting, and you only have yourselves to blame.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Earth Day founded by murderers and wackos? Why does this not surprise me?

This is from last week, but apparently one of the founding fathers of "Earth Day" hacked up his girlfriend and stuffed her in a trunk in his house. He claimed it was a setup by the CIA, but I guess his phone wasn't working for a few months because he didn't call up the authorities to report that his girlfriend was decomposing in his place and stinking up the joint.

I find it funny that the people who resort to violence in the name of the planet, or animals for that matter, are doing the one thing neither the animals or this planet can appreciate. I mean, how many people do you have to kill before you think to yourself, Hmm, that goat just doesn't appreciate my efforts?

I know, I know, don't get all cranked up if you think I'm not Green. I'm very green. I recycle my empties, and my car gets over 30 mpg, so f*ck off. I plant trees and gardens and think that animals are cool. However, I am not about to go killing people because the orange speckled newt is endangered. But it does not surprise me that the founder of earth day was a nut-job, just as it does not surprise me when people get mauled by bears in the zoo when they jump the fence thinking polar bears are cute and cuddly.

Just a thought. Oh, that and there may be gay penguins out there. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

zzz... What? Huh???

Howdy folks! Long time no rambling, sorry. I have my reasons, fortunately some of which provide me with material.

My sister happened to fly in from the other side of the country (on the return trip from Italy), and it had been a few years since we had a chance to see each other. I also got along with my brother during Easter dinner, which is another miracle we can add to the holiday, but I digress. Sis had the honor to sing for his holiness, the Pope. Now, I'm no longer a practicing Catholic, but that's a pretty big deal in my book. Bravo Sis! She took a lot of pictures... 600 to be exact, and the sheer amount of ruins they have over there is incredible. This photo takes my breath away, I hope it does the same for you...the coliseum tucked in just so amongst the city...

Save it as desktop wallpaper, but after the playoffs. I could use a vacation come to think of it, but maybe when work isn't screwing with my hours. Jerks.

Speaking of the playoffs, things are good. There has been some domination, some great OT games, and the #$%^&* Rangers of all teams are beating expectations, instead of being beaten like I requested. Stupid Caps. Never liked them anyway. I'm likin' the Anaheim/Sharks series. Go ahead guys, take it to 7 games. Please.

I've been listening to the games via internet radio while playing WoW and drinking beer, and lemme tell ya, I think I've found my Man Bubble Bath. There's a fantastic site out there that has all the team broadcasts, Try it next time you're playing your favorite time killing game, for any sport.

Alrighty, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. I have some other thoughts, but I'll save them for later. Cheers!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael Vick, Champion of Dogs.

So I'm drinkin' in one of my local watering holes, and the sporting news eventually brings up the Michael Vick story. Now, I'm still mad at the guy, and thinking he shouldn't be returning to the NFL. However, it's been a while, so I want some other opinions about this situation. So, I ask some young waiter guy who's near, "What's your take on Vick? Should he be allowed to play?" "Of course" he replies.

Of course? I'm intrigued! "Really? Why's that?" He replies, "Well, he's shown remorse, he didn't actually kill any humans, most of it was done by his posse and he's done his time."

I could actually hear the sound of squealing tires as my brain screeched to a halt. See, if you can believe this, I haven't exactly been an angel. I've been on the wrong side of the law, so I know how it feels to do something stupid and have to do time for it. The one thing that entered my mind is how awful it feels to be in that position coming out. How will your family and friends treat you? Society? It's a really horrible feeling.

So, I think he's an awful quarterback, but I have to sympathize with him as a person, because I can relate... sorta. I mean, I'm not a famous quarterback with millions of dollars to spend on dogs that I can shoot when they don't win (a little irony there, right?), but when you screw up, you just want to get back to being normal again, and to be honest, I want to see that happen for him.

So I say to the kid, "Well, I suppose if it wasn't Vick, the problem of dogfighting would never have been brought to the nation's attention. That makes Vick... a champion of dogs?" Bingo. Sometimes in being a bad person, you can actually do good things. Yeah, this is not the recommended course of action, however, some good will come out of this. I can only wonder if this is lip service from Vick, but I wouldn't people to think that of my own indiscretions. People can learn from their mistakes, and in this case, I'm sure Vick won't be operating any UFC kennels any time soon.

So, I'll keep my reservations in check for now, and hope that we can soon follow the feel good story of "Mike Vick, Champion of Dogs", because that story I'd be happy to follow.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm having some issues with my direction here, as usual. I don't want to be a political pundit... that's just no fun. I don't like arguing with liberals, it's like jerking off with sandpaper... the desired result is just too much painful effort. Besides, it's not really arguing when two sides just can't see the others views. So what now? Until I figure it out, I'll leave you with this...
I mean, I like bacon and all, I just don't want to f*ck it.