Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Takin' a break, be back next week

That's it, I'll see ya then.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Hockey Ramblings...

Yay! I haven't talked about hockey in forever, so y'all are probably wondering why the hell I'm such a fan of hockey blogs. Perhaps after this post I'll just start another blog. Hmm...

Whatever. In the meantime, I'm absolutely loving hockey this year. Not because of the games I've watched, but because I've actually paid the most overall attention thanks to all of the good and bad blogs out there. Truly, it has forced me to view my own existence differently, so thanks for that.

Red Wings? Kickin' ass, set a record and are schizophrenic, I think. I'm likin' the way they're playing, and they should tighten it up when the playoffs start. As long as they win 2 games for everybody else's one, they won't lose a series, and that's how they've been doing it all year. Not very original, but hey, why fix it?

Devils are my favorites out in the East, and I wasn't one of the folks saying that Brodeur would be phenomenal coming back from his injury, but he certainly has been. Well, he's not the only one on this Devils team that is playing incredibly, and I think the team deserves a lot of credit, but regardless, Good job. Here's to getting that record tonight (right?) and Terry's soon to follow. I hope he breaks 700 wins eventually.

Out West I haven't been listening too much, except that the Sharks have settled into their own mediocrity, and blah blah blah. Wings should get 1 or 2 seed. However, a couple things... Dallas is showing some grit down the stretch. They seem to turn in on better than other teams going into the playoffs, so it wouldn't surprise me if they upset the Sharks if those two tango in the first round. Oh, that Calgary team. Whatever. As far as all Canadian teams except for Toronto go, meh. For the rest, I'm somewhat of a Columbus fan, so Mason, Nash & Hitchcock (sounds like a tv show...) can just keep up the good work, they should be in. Good luck if you make it to Sharks or Wings. Don't care as much about the rest.

Back East, it's Go Devils! I think the Atlantic is the BEST conference in hockey teams-wise. Seriously, you can't beat the energy between the Devils, Rangers, Flyers, Islanders fans, because all of the fans live so close to each other. Pittsburgh is close enough to visit, as well as Boston and Washington, but 4 teams within 100 or so miles brings a cool fan interaction that you just don't get anywhere else. In the Atlantic, I'm actually pleased to see the Pens make a 180 to get back into the hunt, although I really don't see (read: don't want to acknowledge) anybody getting past the Devils this year. Props though go to Shero for getting rid of Whitney and getting a real lineup for them and I like Bylsma. The fans are optimistic, and I can finally enjoy Clark & Heptner (The Suburban Rob Rossis)'s blog again. Not a Rangers fan, but I'm pleased to see Avery back with them, he belongs there. I wouldn't mind seeing Rangers/Devils in the first round. He and Brodeur will be fun to watch.

I think that's all I really have for now... Oh, this perpetually makes me laugh, so click here for the original. I still laugh every time I see it. All the cards are brilliant, but I laugh from deep down inside when I see this...

I'm sorry Pens fans, but that's just too funny to not share. Just to be fair...


Appropriate flossing areas...

I'm just throwin' this out there. I have something stuck in my tooth, and I'll spend the entire day trying to get it out with my tongue until I can get a hold of some floss or a toothpick. It's no big deal really, I know I'll get it out sooner or later.

Of course, I have to go to the men's room to take care of some fluid business, and I hear the unmistakable sound of someone spitting in the sink. I don't know why this is bothering me, but it is. I come around to wash my hands before returning to work, despite the fact that I do not work in food service and did not pee on my hands, and lo and behold, this guy is doing full oral care at the sink(s). He's actively flossing, and... well... I guess his dentist would agree with his action, but I'm just grossed out. This is a public bathroom, really. Yes, it's at work, and I certainly hope that we as his co-workers are hygenic and all. But for me? I think it would bother me less if he did his flossing in his cubicle, or even in a stall or something. You ever see the stuff that flies out of your mouth when flossing? Not to mention, the stuff that's going in your mouth as each pull of the string pulls airborne bacteria directly in between your teeth. I know, I know. These bacteria are probably flying around here around my head as I type this, but I just don't care.

So, it boils down to this... what do you think? I think it's gross to floss in a public restroom, even one at the workplace. I don't want his mouth-bacteria flying around my sink, and I'm sure he doesn't want my special brand of fecal cauliform jumping on his floss. But hey, if he's all for it, then should I say whatever?

Flossing in public? Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome back! (they were gone?)

France today announced that they will be rejoining NATO. I know, I know. How we survived all these tumultuous years without them, I can hardly fathom. But, they're back, and we welcome them back into the fold with open arms. This totally reminds me of the horrible co-worker who was out on sick leave for like, 3 months, and then they come back, but you hardly noticed they were gone, ya know? Oh! Hey! We missed you!... (not).

Had this been a trivia question, even a multiple choice one, I would've failed.

This country is currently NOT a part of NATO's military branch:

a) Switzerland
b) France
c) Croatia
d) Germany

I would've picked Croatia, but that would've been wrong. The correct answer is a, Switzerland. I know, I know, the Swiss aren't exactly known for their prowess, but I've heard that the Swiss special forces units are some of the best in the world. Where do you think the holes in the cheese come from? That's right, target practice, NOT gases created by bacteria during the aging process.

However, I digress. The French are coming back, and bringing their expertise with them. Let's look at what Sarkozy has to say about some of this...

"Because we must be there where decisions and norms are decided, rather than waiting to be told about them,". Yeah. Like you've ever given a f*ck what other countries have thought about anything.

"The Americans understand perfectly well that having weak allies serves nothing," he said. "A state alone, a solitary nation, is a nation without influence and if we want to count for something we have to know how to bind ourselves to allies and friendships." Wow! You finally figured that one out, eh?

My favorite, truncated for comedic purposes... "The move is expected to have little impact on the military as France..." Well that's a no brainer. You don't need to train people to drop weapons.

Okay, okay, I'll put the rest of the quote in there... "is already Nato's fourth largest contributor of troops with forces under allied command in Bosnia, Kosovo and now in Afghanistan – where it has more than 3,000 men." Although I would be reluctant to put "Men" in there, I am glad that they're trying to help out a little bit.

This doesn't change my overall view that France is a self centered, narcissitic country. I don't like the food, the hairy women, their holier than thou attitudes, but I can at least say that this is a step in the right direction. Man up France, you giant vagina of a country.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way to go Obama!

My posts lately have been awfully negative, so I'm sorry. I'll try to write something that's not negative. Well, how about Obama! He's such a swell guy, giving gifts to folks. Apparently, he gave a gift to Gordon Brown, a bunch of DVD's! Yay Obama! How Presidential of you to give such a intelligent and thoughtful gift! I mean, picking out 25 dvd's for the British Prime Minister to enjoy! Wow. That's... uh... really... uh... yeah.

If you want to read Glenn Beck's opinion about this, check out the full article. After all, it was his musings which brought this to my attention. I mean, what did Gordon Brown give you? A pen carved from the wood of the famous ship, HMS Resolute? To match that priceless desk in the whitehouse? And you gave him DVD's! How thoughtful.

I remember when I was just a young semi-pro alcoholic, dating a lovely lass who was learned in the ways of gift-giving. Her BFF at the time (they didn't even USE that term back then, can you imagine?) was having a birthday, and my lady had given a lovely lead crystal fish to her, knowing that fish, especially hand crafted lead-crystal ones, would be a well thought out gift. A few months later, the reverse scenario occurred, and what did my lovely lady get for a present? A turtleneck. It was a lovely turtleneck, don't get me wrong, but apparently this was NOT the same as a crystal fish. I, at the time, did not see the error in bff's ways, but I was educated to the faux-pas that occured. And HOW. Needless to say, that friendship terminated immediately over what I like to call "the plum turtleneck incident"

So, Mr. President, my observation from my own experience is this:

You can kiss our "friendship" with England goodbye. You just slapped the face of the Prime Minister, and the UK is NOT happy about it. Claiming fatigue is a lame excuse, because you have a whole stable of assistants who could've come up with something better than a 40 dollar collection of American move classics.

DVD's. Even I am not that thoughtless.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Audacity: A definition

Here's the audacity defined:

They gave themselves a raise last month.
They now make $174,000 a year for their 3 day work week.

Do you believe this? Companies going under, rampant unemployment, and Congress gets to give themselves a fucking RAISE?

This is why I hate politicians, and especially Democrats.

Read the article here.

Way to keep things real, Obama. Nice job, dickhead.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here we go again.

While on Facebook today, one of my so-called friends wrote some smack about Rush Limbaugh, and him being unpatriotic due to hypocrisy, and he may have a point. Whatever. I just pointed out that he doesn't like Democrats, and the next thing I know I'm brandishing my "Fuck the Middle East" sword and spewing hate allllll over the damned place. Well, I've already discussed my aggresive attitude, and this lines up nicely. But I realized that I'm still pissed.

I'm pissed about Israel, the Palestinians, the fanatical Muslims, the ignorant Christians... everybody. See, lately I've been mulling over what to do about this here blog, and I still don't have an answer, but I wanted to tone things down a bit, change direction, something. But I can't, because it's not that easy. It's things like the War in Iraq that get my blood boiling, and I have to write. Crap. So much for the "play nice" theory.

So today's point? I fucking hate the "Oil is the reason for going to Iraq" argument. It's the lamest wannabe conspiracy bullshit theory. If it truly IS the ONLY reason we're in the Middle East? Then I'm moving to Canada. Someone has to prove to me that Oil is why the Muslims hate America, and why we put Israel back on the map, and whatever. For people to think that singlemindedly about why we're in Iraq, is just stupid. Yes, I understand that oil is a resource. There happens to be oil in Viet Nam too, right? There's also oil in Venezuela! Chavez is a dick anyway. We should totally take it over.

There are lots of good reasons why we're in Iraq. We've installed a free government system there, and with hope it'll stay that way. Maybe even spark the rest of those countries to like, oh, I dunno, stop killing each other and vote in some schmuck to bitch about for 4 years or something. Then they can vote in a different schmuck later. That's what democracy is all about, the next best schmuck.

Regardless, it isn't just about oil. I mean, the genocide, the violating the UN sanctions, the not allowing WMD inspectors to see any sites whenever they would surprise inspect, I mean, the list is endless. Yet there are still the left wing folk who think the only reason we went in is because of the oil. Hell, you might as well believe we went in because George Sr. was supposed to do it the first time around.

However, I guess this oil theory explains why we're in Afghanistan then... we need cheap heroin!