Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's over :(

So, the Red Wings end another season, only in the second round. Well, to be honest, I kinda saw it coming. The Sharks played better, got some favorable calls, and apparently could skate on their own southern ice, because I saw at LEAST 10 times during last night's game where various Wing players just fell the f*ck over for absolutely no reason. 10 times! If not more! It was unpleasant to watch... I'm thinking it was the skate sharpener. Bastard :P

But, for all the stuff that sucked to take the victories away from the Wings, I think this was a good year. I think Helm is going to shape up to be a dominant player, if only for the effort he puts out on the ice. I cheer for him every time he gets the puck. All of the young guys are pushing hard to play well, and losing in the second round might be just what this team needs going forward. Heck, most of them won the cup 2 years ago, and considering the injuries and the amount of work they had to put in closing the season, it would be understandable if they were just freaking tired.

Overall the Wings did fine. Let them have their long summer. It'll give them time to heal and think about the brutal 2nd round exit. I think next year, they just might be better than ever.

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