Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael Vick, Champion of Dogs.

So I'm drinkin' in one of my local watering holes, and the sporting news eventually brings up the Michael Vick story. Now, I'm still mad at the guy, and thinking he shouldn't be returning to the NFL. However, it's been a while, so I want some other opinions about this situation. So, I ask some young waiter guy who's near, "What's your take on Vick? Should he be allowed to play?" "Of course" he replies.

Of course? I'm intrigued! "Really? Why's that?" He replies, "Well, he's shown remorse, he didn't actually kill any humans, most of it was done by his posse and he's done his time."

I could actually hear the sound of squealing tires as my brain screeched to a halt. See, if you can believe this, I haven't exactly been an angel. I've been on the wrong side of the law, so I know how it feels to do something stupid and have to do time for it. The one thing that entered my mind is how awful it feels to be in that position coming out. How will your family and friends treat you? Society? It's a really horrible feeling.

So, I think he's an awful quarterback, but I have to sympathize with him as a person, because I can relate... sorta. I mean, I'm not a famous quarterback with millions of dollars to spend on dogs that I can shoot when they don't win (a little irony there, right?), but when you screw up, you just want to get back to being normal again, and to be honest, I want to see that happen for him.

So I say to the kid, "Well, I suppose if it wasn't Vick, the problem of dogfighting would never have been brought to the nation's attention. That makes Vick... a champion of dogs?" Bingo. Sometimes in being a bad person, you can actually do good things. Yeah, this is not the recommended course of action, however, some good will come out of this. I can only wonder if this is lip service from Vick, but I wouldn't people to think that of my own indiscretions. People can learn from their mistakes, and in this case, I'm sure Vick won't be operating any UFC kennels any time soon.

So, I'll keep my reservations in check for now, and hope that we can soon follow the feel good story of "Mike Vick, Champion of Dogs", because that story I'd be happy to follow.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! He Rocks! Let him come back and play with the Big Dawgs! He Rules! He is the best! Long Live the National Felony League!

Vern said...

I am fully 100% in the "Let Vick Play" camp and honestly don't think he should have gone to jail in the first place. Fact is, if there wasn't any gambling going on, he probably wouldn't have.

I might actually touch on this topic soon before it really comes to a head this summer...few topics are more divisive than the reinstating of Vick.