Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cheers, Michael Buble.

I admit, I didn't like the guy because I'm jealous, and because I'm a wannabe crooner. This guy could probably get laid more than a Muslim prayer rug if he wanted to. I'm a big Sinatra fan, and my irrationality got the best of me. But, he is a good singer, and I've been catching pieces about him on TV every now and then, and he just seems like a cool guy. Then I found out he's a big hockey fan, which brought him right into my realm of respectability.

I read this interview with him about Vancouver's loss this year (from The Vancouver Sun), and his takes on the players, the coaching and the managment. He really loves hockey, and his insights on the team are excellent. So, Mr. Buble, I applaud your love for the sport, if not your team. Perhaps I'll even try to croon one of your songs one day.


Anonymous said...

Personally, you may find this a bit - in your face - but, I am surprised YOU are surprised that someone, anyone for that matter, may do more than one thing - such as he can sing, really well no less, but also likes and knows Hockey? OMG? What's next? Cheerleaders who know accounting? Bankers who play Warcraft? Please Symo...yes, it is cool, but don't be so shocked when someone you pique in a hole as being one dimensional. Besides, he has do something after getting laid all the time... :)

Symo said...

It's more about the fact that he LOVES hockey, and his insights about why Vancouver failed this year were spot on. And, I don't know any cheerleading accountants or bankers who play WoW... I knew he was a hockey fan, I just didn't know he would rather PLAY hockey than be a famous singer.

Anonymous said...

fair enough. I guess if I watched sport center enough I too could be spot on - just kidding...anyway, Maybe someday, there will be charity hockey event and he will pick up the stick...?