Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Puck Stops Where?

Alright, I said I wouldn't post about hockey too much. Whatever. I ran across a blog post which was bitching about another blog post, saying there are "No elite goalies left" in this here playoff series.

At first, I was like, yeah, who's in it? Osgood (won a few cups), Ward (won a cup), Khabibulin (won a cup) and Fleury (in SCF last year). Hmm. Well, I guess... no... hmmm..... uhhh.... yeah.

If these 4 guys, of all the goalies in the playoffs aren't elite, then who else would've been? There's the Luongo guy, who's elite. Doesn't have a cup. Well, that Brodeur guy is considered HOF, elite, but he's not here (and every single Devils fan is wishing Clemmensen or Osgood or Fleury was in net that night).

Pssh. Osgood has the best GAA in the playoffs, but he's not elite? Well, F you guys who say he's not elite. In years past, I was always a little skeptical. That changed last playoff year, as I was one of the ones praying they start Osgood after 2 losses with Hasek. We won. This year? I may have had some concerns during the season, but my concerns were more along the lines of whether the WHOLE team had the ability to shake off the hangover to win this year.

Playoffs this year... Columbus? See ya's next year. Then, the Wings defeated the Ducks, whom I consider the damnedest of foes, so surviving that 7 game war was a thing of immense beauty, much to the chagrin of my nerves. As good as the Wings did or did not play, Osgood was the key to it all... not soft. Well, maybe a couple. However, he has been great this playoff year, like last year, and I know he'll keep up the good work. All of you critics be damned, Ozzie is a Hall of Fame goalie for what he HAS achieved, not what you think he's done. I think this year he's going to show once and for all that he belongs in that goalie club called "Respect" or something.

Okay, I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Tonight's heroes: Osgood, Cleary, Samuelsson.

(How cool was that Cleary goal? More dropped silverware...)


Anonymous said...

Another aspect you kind of touched upon is the basic question of, "What makes an elite goalie?" Surely by reaching, and whomever wins, becomes elite? Neh? Granted a first time winner who never returns may not be viewed entirely elite, but in other sports, take Football...Dan Marino never won a SuperBowl, but is considered on of the greatest to play QB... So, back to no elites, maybe not yet, but someone is about to become one.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jim Craig. He is LEET !!!! If you, YOU, don't know who he is, you suck. Let me know if you know. If you can't figure it out, I will tell you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly - since Jim Craig 3 versus Vladislav Tretiak - who most consider the most elite of the elite goal tender ever - 4 - that 4-3 win was, IS, the best moment in sports, EVER.

Anonymous said...


Symo said...

I was just pissed that someone could say "there are no elite goalies left". The way Brodeur collapsed for 2 minutes at the end of his season just goes to show that elite is a tag, and one given by opinion only it seems.

Numbers are stupid. Ozzie may not have always been an "elite" goalie, but I'd rather see him in net than Luongo or Nabokov. That's leet enough for me.

I agree about that moment...

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