Saturday, September 26, 2009

You know what? To hell with it.

Serenity was nice enough to comment on my last piece, and it... well... pissed me off. I am SOOOO tired if "war is bad" people who think that all of this is our goddamned fault. So you know what? I'm kinda tired of our boys getting killed too, so here's my idea:

We're done. Bin Laden, here's the deal:

We pull out now, unconditionally. Today. On one condition: if any further action (suicide bombings, schools shot up, etc.) happens, ANYWHERE, EVER, FOR ANY REASON NO MATTER WHAT TERRORIST GROUP, WE WILL BRING HELL ON EARTH(that would be nuclear weapons, in case you were wondering) TO WHEREVER YOU ARE, AND EVERYONE THAT SURROUNDS YOU, NATION STATES BE DAMNED.

k? You stop, we stop. Then maybe we can talk about it.

Yours truly,


I'm also at the point of thinking "fuck it" and bringing everybody home, future consequences be damned. When bombs start going off in a hometown near you, don't blame me.

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Anonymous said...

People are sheep - sheople. Stuid aholes. Yep, wait for it, rome fell over the course of yearsn america might in days