Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is NOT what I wanted to write about.

You'd think after a 2 month absence, I'd want to write about politics or some shit. Nope. You know who's pissing me off today? Americans. Allow me to explain.

Leading up to today is Adam Lambert. You hear of him? He's that quasi-gay guy that finished 2nd on American Idol this season. There was speculation during that season that he was gay. He had pretty much been selected by the pros as number one, but he didn't win. Not that he didn't deserve it, but because the other guy was, in my opinion, more blue collar American. Most of the grandma's out there really don't want to see a guy with 'guyliner' win, regardless of how androgynous he may have portrayed himself.

The concept of the show is to pin the "American Idol", and I for one didn't vote for Mr. Lambert (I may be stepping on toes with that Mr. part there...). Yes, I'll admit, I did catch a few performances by both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, and despite the oozing talent from Lambert (I didn't like the ooze), Allen's cleaner, albeit dryer vocals, captured my interest more.

So we come to Lambert's anticipated release of his first album (for your entertainment), and apparently it's a doozie. I read a couple reviews, (f the link) and they're glowing about it. I'm sure it's good, and it has a lot of skill. The guy has more talent than I do, and that's saying something. I would kill to have a voice like that because I CAN sing, but not like him. Holy crap, the guy is good. Props. Srsly.

Back during the AI competition, they speculated on his sexuality, but he (wisely) demurred to no answer about it, which of course meant he was gay (not even bi, imo). If you don't say "Guys? I don't do guys", then you're pretty much admitting to bisexuality as a man, which makes you light in the loafers by default. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think he only deflected the question to give him a shot at the dough, because with 30% of the people in this county loving Sarah Palin, his shot at a million bucks was DEAD if he admitted it during the competition.

So, we come to today. He had a performance. Apparently, he did his gayfest live for all of America to see, and apparetnly some people are irritated by this.

My question is, WTF? Did you NOT see this coming? I hate to quote Limbaugh here, but this country has been 'chickified'. Why the hell would people complain about this?? This is EXACTLY what they wanted, what they asked for! Hollywood, the public sector, the recording industry... who DIDN'T want this guy doing this? He practically spelled it out for us and now you're going to be mad about it?

I'm sick of people being upset about what they asked for. You lie in the bed you make. I applaud Mr. Lambert and his success, because he is reminiscent of David Bowie... This time though, instead of posing a question and a statement to his audiences, Lambert is placing a stamp on the finality of the industry... it just feels like it's not normal to be straight anymore, and as a Man who will never, ever, ever, sleep with another man, that just makes me sad for those who will have do endure this popular culture icon for the incoming future. After all, the man(?) does have talent, after all. Hero to the masses. He and Lady Gaga. I never thought I'd be on the same page as Camille Paglia.

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