Thursday, April 22, 2010

The days of quiet

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, despite playoff hockey consuming my evening hours. The economy sucks, employment sucks (for me at least, and a couple folks I know), the goverment REALLY sucks... you get the picture. I keep reading political garbage out there, and despite the fact that everybody is pissed at the way things are currently, and the way they're headed, and no matter who's side you're on you're not happy. It's bleak, I tell ya.

So South Park makes an attempt at making me laugh, and laugh I did. Have you heard about episode 201? The one with the references to... uh... that prophet guy? No? Apparently it's been suggested that they face reprisals for depicting that guy in a bear mascot outfit. I thought the sequence was utterly brilliant, so if you're a fan and haven't seen it, find it. Hysterical stuff.

Seriously though, in the episode they went to great lenghts to point out the absurity of the depiction nonsense, and ultimately, no, it's not alright. Threats come in from the hatemongers themselves. Religion of peace my ass. Why don't the peace loving muslims go reign in the extremists? All this killin'. For dirt. Just makes me a sad panda.

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