Thursday, April 22, 2010

I smell a lawsuit...

Big Ben get suspended for 6 games, and now is no longer the de-facto leader in Pittsburgh anymore. The Rooneys have sent a harsh message, which I'm guessing ultimately is "You're a dick, don't let the door hit you on the way out". It will be interesting to see how Roethlisberger handles all of this, and whether some team will want him for a top ten draft pick.

But I question the validity of any of this... he wasn't found guilty of anything, so it's up to the moral depictions of his actions over whether he actually did anything? I'm sure he's no saint, and to suspend him for his 'conduct' is within the rights of the NFL, although 6 is a good chunk of games for something that may or may not have happened.

But now his name is lower than mud in Pittsburgh, so his career will never be the same. I've heard the "he's a jerk" stories from some people, so perhaps the change will be for the best for all parties concerned. Yet as far as his rights go, what if he gets both of the women in question to exonerate him? Can he then take them to court for his losses? The man lost a guaranteed job over speculation about sexual misconduct, and his contract was for a ton of money, for a long time. I'd be really pissed right now if I were him, and frankly, I'd take the bastards to court.

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