Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Epic Dem Fail.

Now it's not like we didn't see this kinda stuff coming... oh, wait, we apparently didn't. But seeing this article in the NYT simply made me want to cry, vomit, laugh, punch somebody, etc. Greece, one of the most social of nations over there, needs bailout money. Why? The usual suspects... big unions, bloated beaurocracies and socialized healthcare. Go read that article and tell me with a straight face that all the things we have JUST voted in aren't going to be the ruin of us all? We're currently broke and have already done our bailout deal which we won't recover from for over 10 years. Europe, of whom our latest polices are based on, is struggling mightily from within economically, and there's a pretty dark cloud looming over it all... they might not see economic sunlight for decades. There's a good take on it over at hotair, which sums up this nicely. Seriously, and we're just starting to do this sh*t?

Another thing to keep in mind. The IMF, which is an international conglomerate of nation states, includes the good ol' USA. They are participating in the 138 billion bailout for Greece. Guess who's the biggest contributor? That would be the US of course. So get this, WE have to shell out like 8 billion of OUR TAX MONEY to bail out Greece.

Sigh. Better get outside and plant the victory garden.

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Vern said...

Greek people tend to live beyond their means. They don't save.