Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way to go Obama!

My posts lately have been awfully negative, so I'm sorry. I'll try to write something that's not negative. Well, how about Obama! He's such a swell guy, giving gifts to folks. Apparently, he gave a gift to Gordon Brown, a bunch of DVD's! Yay Obama! How Presidential of you to give such a intelligent and thoughtful gift! I mean, picking out 25 dvd's for the British Prime Minister to enjoy! Wow. That's... uh... really... uh... yeah.

If you want to read Glenn Beck's opinion about this, check out the full article. After all, it was his musings which brought this to my attention. I mean, what did Gordon Brown give you? A pen carved from the wood of the famous ship, HMS Resolute? To match that priceless desk in the whitehouse? And you gave him DVD's! How thoughtful.

I remember when I was just a young semi-pro alcoholic, dating a lovely lass who was learned in the ways of gift-giving. Her BFF at the time (they didn't even USE that term back then, can you imagine?) was having a birthday, and my lady had given a lovely lead crystal fish to her, knowing that fish, especially hand crafted lead-crystal ones, would be a well thought out gift. A few months later, the reverse scenario occurred, and what did my lovely lady get for a present? A turtleneck. It was a lovely turtleneck, don't get me wrong, but apparently this was NOT the same as a crystal fish. I, at the time, did not see the error in bff's ways, but I was educated to the faux-pas that occured. And HOW. Needless to say, that friendship terminated immediately over what I like to call "the plum turtleneck incident"

So, Mr. President, my observation from my own experience is this:

You can kiss our "friendship" with England goodbye. You just slapped the face of the Prime Minister, and the UK is NOT happy about it. Claiming fatigue is a lame excuse, because you have a whole stable of assistants who could've come up with something better than a 40 dollar collection of American move classics.

DVD's. Even I am not that thoughtless.

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SARTH said...

Brilliant. Next time, my I suggest he hands them a Sear's catalog and say "What do you like...?" - in belief it would "stimulate" the economy...dumb ass.