Friday, August 7, 2009

This sucks.

Lots of chatter about what's going on in this country, so let's talk about some of it.

I hope the birther thing finally goes away. Enough. Congress unanimously passed a resolution stating Obama's birth proof is valid. That includes Republicans. Over. Done. Please. Thank you. I do wonder why he has chosen to keep his school work private... every other President hasn't had a problem with it, so that does concern me. Regardless, until the media (whole different issue) decides that the payday will be worth it, I think everyone can agree that they're not going to disparage "Rock Star" Obama. Thanks for the idea Geo, and overall that about sums up the media issue... if he can clean up this mess, he'll get a chance for a second album. If not, well, there's always being a one hit wonder. For all of our sakes, let's hope it's not 'The Chicken Dance'.

Is this healthcare stuff ugly or what? I believe it is possible to fix the current system by regulating the insurance industry instead of having government take it over. Healthcare is best left to private indusry because of the nature of competition in America. For those who claim that our healthcare is bad, then why does the rest of the world come here for the hard stuff? Seriously folks, would you go anywhere but here to get fixed? Didn't think so. Granted, there are solutions to specific problems that aren't legal here, but that'd be a different post. I was actually surprised when I found out coverage was over 75% of this country... figured it would be more like 60-67. Regardless, it isn't broken for me, so perhaps I'm resistant to change. I'm a single male, no kids. For me it isn't a big deal, but for those who don't have the ability to take care of family would have a different light on this. I'd take government healthcare in a second if I had a child to take care of. I do worry about the screamers and the freakshow media event this has become... I don't recall seeing this kind of a divide. It's like watching the South Park episode about the election, and how everybody is over the top. If (when?) the riots happen, I'm moving to Georgia... at least my friends down there are armed. As far as the promises go to institute the regulations to provide competition, let's hope it becomes competitive, and not just another plot by politicians to find another source of revenue. Worst case? Government insurance that is always juuuust a tad more expensive than what is already in place now. Everybody gets paid, and there are no changes except in the taxes we end up paying to pay for those who are on the government plan. Worst case. Yikes.

I had more, but then I had dinner, so I'm done here. I'll just go back to havin' a couple beers and hope when I wake up in the morning we haven't started shooting yet. Not enough ammo here for all these Democrats here in Jersey. Corzine first.

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SARTH said...

And so once again, we slowly tip towards Socialism, about our leaders fail us, by treating us as sheep...Aristotle warned: "Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms."