Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona, eh?

The only problem I have with the theory is that dumbasses who think the cops will put down the donuts to do anything are completely wrong with their nazi theories. Nazis don't eat donuts. Struedels, maybe.

To get a good perspective on this, I like this article. There's a video out there on YouTube of some loud Boston guy yellin' about this a few years back, but nobody cares, because it's racist. No, it's nationalist. I don't care if people come here from different countries. Sign the guestbook, pay your taxes, take the damn test and live here forever. SERIOUSLY. We're not asking for much, and the jerkoffs who live by the "why should we be checking for illegals" should be thinking "if they're not breaking the law, what's the problem?". We live in the era of easy ID. There is NO reason to not have ID. I have ID for NJ unemployment for f*cks sake. Sign the book, do your part, and BE an American, not like the unpatriotic douchebags who fly Mexican flags in AZ who are protesting policies because THEY DON'T FUCKING LIVE THERE. The only people who SHOULD be pissed about a law like this are people who are breaking the freaking law. How hard is that? I don't know any illegals, and to be honest, if I WAS suspect about 'hadji" or 'achmed' or 'jose' or 'john', I SHOULD BE! Until you, who I don't know, and don't drink with on a regular basis have proven your dedication to America, I don't really give a damn where you're from. There are plenty of terrorists (read: democrats) who are currently doing their best as US citizens to sabatoge this nation. Therefore, we need to suspect everybody, because if you're not breaking the law, YOU DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM, RIGHT?

Simple. Don't break the law, and you don't get deported. My ancestors signed the fucking book, paid taxes and became staples to this economy. Despite your efforts to keep our lawns green (and anything unlocked empty), the illegal element (6%? 12%) of your Mexican incursion is the downside of your desire to reclaim the southwest(how's that 13 treatin' ya?) The stand that AZ is making is warranted and long overdue, as in evidence all over the country... although, it could be a Democrat plot to plant seeds to make future voters...

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Vern said...

45% of Latinos typically vote Republican. SO THERE! I think it's because you guys are usually the ones with the nice lawns.