Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry folks, I got nothin' good. Been reading about the porkulus, but that's old news. I'm not getting any of it, so whatever. I think even the news agencies are having a hard time now.

I read that Iraq would be okay with early troop withdrawal, but only if they're ready. Duh.

A plane wreck in Amsterdam, 9 people dead. Yawn. If the plane had LEFT amsterdam and crashed, well, that would be something. Inbound? Not so much.

Charles Barkley arrested for DWI! There's a shocker. Although it continues to amaze me that people who have LOTS of money drive themselves around, and better yet, get busted for DUI. I'll give Mr. Barkley some props for being at .148 though... that's a pretty decent buzz.

Sidney's Vagina Hurts. Yawn. Other hockey news? An old pest named Lemieux comes back to the Joe, and although the fans are all in a tizzy, they players could care less I think. But it is a showdown between 2 of the best teams in hockey.... I wonder if it's on VS. Whatever.

Oh! Huge props to Matt Kenseth AGAIN! Woot! I'm a fan of Matt, so this is big for me, but since I may be his only remaining fan, I'm sure the rest of you don't care.

Bunch of hockey bloggers yappin' about the Scarlett Caps website, newly created and dedicated to the female hockey fan. Well, I agree with the actual female fans that the site is a disgrace, if you're truly a hockey fan. On the other hand, I think it attempts to build a bridge to women who know nothing about hockey, and let's face it, there are more of them than there are knowledgable fans. If you want to see the site, click here.

Oscars? Predictable. I am kinda pissed that Slumdog won, because haven't the Indians taken enough of our jobs, now they're taking our trophies? Bastards. On a funny note, I bet the budget for that movie was about 1/20th of the cost it would've been in the states....

So, that's all. I'll go try to find something more interesting to talk about. Check ya later!

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