Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Roll one for Me, Mike... Not my responsibility... Duh...I hate going to the Doctor.

Howdy folks... sorry for not posting. With the Steeler's glorious victory, my weekends being tied up, and work acting like it's 1984 (the novel, not the year), it has been difficult to keep up with my blogging responsibility. My bad.

I'm also not in the mood to write right now, but I have to hit on a couple things.

Can South Carolina really do anything legally against Michael Phelps? I don't think so because he can say "I don't know if it really was Marijuana or not", and they can't prove it through a photo, and tests after the fact don't prove that there was dope in it at that point in time. So, Sheriff of South Carolina, stop being stupid toward a guy that brought 8 medals to our great country. Dickhead (Not you Michael. Smoke one for me)

I quit smoking at just the right time apparently.... 6 bucks a pack here in Jersey, before this new tax hits, so do yourself a favor and quit with me. It'll do you and your wallet a world of good. As for the kids, I'm sorry, but I shouldn't pay for your health care. I thought that's what parents were for, but that's why I'm not a fan of Democrats. "The program was designed to cover uninsured children in families with incomes that are modest but too high to qualify for Medicaid." So, if I have an okay job, but no health care, these kids get taken care of. Why you're out having children that you can't pay for is beyond me, but I guess that's why I don't have children. All of you that are ready to reply to this about "Single parent" this or "I got laid off" that, save it. I don't care about your whining, and you should've worn a condom. It's YOUR f*cking bundle of joy, YOU should pay for it, not me, unless I want to, not be forced to. Next thing I know they'll be raising taxes on beer to pay for Fido getting spayed. Asshole Democrats. Why are there still pot holes on the roads I drive on?

Bird remains in both engines of US Airways jet. Why is this news? Ya THINK???? Morons.

Okay, that's all for now. I have to go the Doctor tomorrow, so I'm in a bad mood. I guess the good news is I might have some time to work on my blog. See ya then.


Anonymous said...

wow - such anger today...well, guess everyday really... ;)

Symo said...

Hey! I'm not angry, I'm disgruntled :P

Julianne B. said...

How'd it go at the doctor's Symo?

Symo said...

Nothing major :) Thanks for asking! Maybe I'll be less cranky tomorrow, lol....