Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP)—The NFL Players Association filed a grievance on Tuesday challenging the suspension and fine given to Plaxico Burress by the New York Giants after the receiver accidentally shot himself in a nightclub more than a week ago."

You have GOT to be kidding me. The NFLPA is going to appeal. I know they have the right to appeal and all, but... seriously? Say, if he was just shot, and not by his dumbass self, then I could see even thinking about this. Challenging? As in, "He might NOT have shot himself! It could've been somebody else!"? Are they really serious? I guess he hasn't been PROVEN guilty that he shot his dumbass self.

Aren't we clear that he shot himself? Is... Did I miss something??? I mean... blam, his gun, on his own, the hospital fiasco, weak attempted cover-up... APPEAL? Is there some braniac working for the NFLPA that thinks this is some "vague" incident? If I were Plax, wouldn't I want less press at this point?

I guess I'm just mad that I'm not one of the guys working for the NFLPA... I don't get paid to create frivolous appeals just to suck money out of the system.

Good luck on the appeal Plax. I hope your leg heals just fine.


Vern said...

You are allowed to shoot yourself in the leg. That's not what he was suspended for.

Of course, the NFLPA appeals EVERYTHING. You could be on tape violating Roger Goodell's children and they'd appeal it.

Symo said...

Well then! Lemme get the video camera. You want to act or direct?