Monday, December 15, 2008

Who needs nails anyway?

There's a plot. There HAS to be a plot. A plot to kill me. Watching the Steelers is becoming so damned stressful I can't look anymore. They do nothing offensively to write home about and come back to win in the 4th quarter. AGAIN. Yes, this makes for good football. Yes, it's exciting. It's killing me. Is there anyone out there who's not a wreck by the end of the game? Great catch Santonio. I mean, great. Like, season clinching, scream until I'm hoarse great.

But... I just can't watch. They win, which is good. But how can they look so incredibly mediocre all game and then look like champions for 2 minutes? Yes, the 2 minutes is all they need. Regardless, it's either Tomlin or Ben that's plotting for my head to explode. And on top of it all, Ben comes out with a decent day, everybody's numbers (except for our running game lately) look... well, not too horrible. It boggles the mind. I feel like I'm watching the Lions play for 58 minutes sometimes, yet the stats are reasonable.

However, now that they have clinched the division, I can relax a little... but if they keep this crap up throughout the playoffs, I might not survive. Well, as long as they keep winning, that is.


Lori said...

I think it's something about pittsburgh sports (excluding the Pirates. They don't exist). The Pens were giving people heart attacks for a while. Playoff time!

Symo said...

Yes, that's certainly something to think about... them Pens were giving me some fits last year weren't they? Not nearly as bad as these Steelers though... crazy I tell ya!