Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don't like the French

Maybe it's the fact that they're ungrateful pricks for the US (and her allies) getting France back for them on a regular basis. Maybe it's because the language, when spoken, sounds ridiculous. Perhaps I'm just biased against women who don't shave. All the rumors about being an American in Paris? True.

Today, I have to put my life on hold because the set of Michelin tires on my car, which have just under 40k miles on them, need to be replaced. They're supposed to last for 60k. French tire company, you SUCK. They weren't good in the snow or rain, and frankly, I just wasn't feeling the confidence going around corners.

So, Michelin Man, Go to Hell. Gonna get me some Goodyears.

To be continued.
Please! Share your "I don't like the French" stories!


Lori said...

I didn't like the middle-aged french dude who thought he was taking me home with him. Or the french dudes that rapped at us in dirty french and then english until we pretended to be Czech. I also didn't like that they made my white russian bitchy. What I do like? Meeting awesome canadian girls in Paris who want to randomly share their liquor.

Symo said...

Hey, anyone who shares drinks is OK in my book. I did have a good time in Canada, albeit not that Frenchy part of it... So yeah, I concur with you about the Canadian women ;)

Anonymous said...

Canadians are just rich mexicans.

Symo said...

Don't forget taller.