Friday, December 19, 2008


Ahhhh... There's nothing better than going to see a hockey game and having the team you're rooting for win... in this case, the Devils. I'm a closet Devils fan, because they figured out how to look like a real team in the 90's, instead of that Roma pizza uni they had in the 80's. I know Wyshynski would know what I'm talking about.

Regardless, it was a fantastic whooping of the Sens, 5-1. Clemmensen? You rock. You made some spectacular saves when the defense had the lapse of judgement, and were solid. I'm thinkin', who's that other injured guy? What's his name... can't quite... hmm... sister? Whatever. I know he's pretty good though.

The point! AH! The Devils ROCKED. They were so good tonight, I though I was watching the Red Wings. Seriously, I could've had a nap. They spent all night in the Sen's zone, shot when they had a shot, but not just to take a shot... it was... .almost creepy! Normally when I see the Devils play, they are rarely in synch. Something is distracting, or a player or two are dominant/distractions. Not tonight.

The Devils played the best game I think I've ever seen them play, mainly because they're playing like a team that I've never seen before from them. Not a trap, they just played like... they want to play hockey. I know, stupid saying, but... they looked like they were enjoying themselves. And I enjoyed myself thoroughly. These guys, if they can keep this thing going, are going to go far this season as long as they dont' change anything... until that goalie.... what's his name?... whatever. It isn't broke, will they fix it?

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Lori said...

Ah. Ass rapeings. Don't they feel good when you're not on the receiving end? Yeah, I just received. My pens just took it from the leafs. Ouch.