Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I have lots to write about, but since I'm being watched, I'm going to cut it up into pieces. Here we go!

Anger Management - If you think I'm this angry in person, I'm not. Unless I'm driving, then I most certainly am. I actually have become angrier since starting this blog, but most of this stuff is supposed to be funny, and if you're taking it personally, or think I'm taking this personally, well, I don't. Unless you're French, Oprah, or driving like an idiot.

Vulgarity ROCKS! It has been pointed out that my potty mouth isn't going over so well. Good Lord Almighty, if you only knew how much editing I've done to keep this thing relatively clean. To all of you who would rather see my integrity restored, well, that's going to have to wait until I actually get paid to do this. Which I don't. So f*ck off.

GO STEELERS! 'Nuff Said!

Santonio Holmes! Trying to be a role model by saying "I used to sell drugs but don't anymore" isn't the right tactic. You made it, the rest of us haven't, so your point is moot. Bad idea.

Quitting smoking! It sucks, but if you have the right attitude, it's actually not so hard. So for all of you pussies who can't quit, well, you're a bunch of pussies. I'll probably be eating these words in a month, but hopefully I'll have gotten some by then, so then it'll be more appropriate.

Too Late to change Global Warming! So, now it's too late, and it's going to take 1000 years to reverse the effects? That doesn't jibe you scientist dorks. If a Volcano blows today, it's colder for a couple years. That's immediate, and doesn't take 1000 years. If the big volcano kahuna in Yellowstone blows tomorrow, we're in for an ice age like you wouldn't believe, and you'll be wishing we had used more Aqua-Net. My point is, just try to do the right thing, because if there's some earth-changing event coming, it isn't really going to matter how green we've been for the past 20 years.

Zetterberg signs for 12 years! NICE! Now he can get back to scoring (hint!).

Well, time to go for now. I'll see ya in a few.


Zerosum said...

nah no worries SYMO we like you this way .....*&*&(%^$&%(

Julianne B. said...

Freedom of speech isn't dead yet, so cuss away when you need to!

Anonymous said...

F*ck You

I feel better already, thanks!

Symo said...

Glad I could help!