Friday, January 23, 2009

What's the big idea???

Those BASTARDS! I hate them. I know, hate is a strong word. But what else am I supposed say? Nice things? I don't think so.

A little recent history... I've been busting my ass as an employee (for various companies) for a few years straight here. Go in, work hard(like 8 hours of talking to people, fixing sh*t, work hard), go home. Starting in October, I got a position change and my job changed, and now I run a lot of scripts. This means that I click "GO" and wait for it to finish. This can take a few minutes or can take a few hours, depending on which "go" I click. I was really likin' this new position. I could read more, write in my blog, catch up on the 8 billion emails I never respond to (because I'm too busy when I get home... not easy being a professional procrastinator), and in general, try to de-stressify (yep, brand new dictionary entry) myself.

Apparently, the honeymoon is over. My immediate supervisor was nice enough to inform the team that "we as a whole are not where we're supposed to be", and we need to make sure we're in on time, leave on time, not be surfing the internet, and in general, work harder. Okay, I can understand that we need to make sure we're getting our jobs done. But we are. Most of the guys on the team work hard, even my script-go-clicking self. But just because we're reading up on new comets or some sh*t doesn't mean we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing. We're not Jimmie Johnson who has to focus for 3 hours at 200 miles an hour. We're computer jockeys. We click go, the camel walks. When the camel stops walking, we click go again. That's what we do.

So don't get all pissy with me, or my peeps, because you're in meetings for 8 hours a day that you can't get out of. That's YOUR job. And I know 8 hours of meetings per day sucks, and that's why I dont' want YOUR job. You waste 7.5 hours out of 8 talking about stupid stuff that you only need about a half hour to coordinate, realistically. So don't give me the "every time I walk past their desk, they're on the internet" crap. Of COURSE we're on the internet all day you jerkoffs, we have more than one window open, on more than one computer, and we're biding our time waiting for the next "go" to happen. Did you look at the logs? Tickets? Are they getting done? Yes. So shut your goddamned pie-holes and go back to your pathetic meetings, where you're the ones wasting company time talking about NOTHING that couldnt' be accomplished in about a half hour. "Hey Bob, I need this to happen. You okay with that?" "Sure Pete, I'll send you an email when it's done".

Besides, if you're so confident that we're spending so much of our day doing nothing, than why exactly do you have so much time making sure that we all aren't doing what we're supposed to be doing? Oh, and what do you know about doing our jobs, hmm? So, lemme get this straight. You have SO much free time, that you have to parade around in someone elses' department to see if the employees are doing what they're supposed to be doing when you don't know what it is that they actually f*cking DO? Okay. Got it.

So, I hate those who are watching my monitor as they walk past, bitching to my supervisors that we need more work/stuff to do. Now I have all kinds of things on my plate that I may or may not be able to finish, because now I'm clicking on too many camels and forget which ones are walking, stopped, or died along the way. So instead of getting my job done right, it's getting half assed, because now I have to stress about what's going to get done now, and now the people that I would normally go to with questions about how to do things (still kinda new here) aren't around because they're running around trying to get different answers for the same questions, ya know?

So for all you jealous douchebags who feel the need to stick your noses in other people's business, GO TO HELL. Mind your own f*cking business. I'm sure you woudn't want me having an in-depth discussion with your wife about how much work you're doing around your own house, or in your own bedroom. But I'm guessing she (or he) is hardly satisfied, because you think your house is perfect. Well, wake the f*ck up. If you have nothing better to do with your effort than to look around at what other people may or may not be doing, then you probably aren't spending enough time fixing your own sh*t.

So, sorry for not being more prolific with my blog, but it's not me, it's the nosy bastards that don't work with me that are the problem. I'll try to write more at night, but then, I wouldn't be getting paid for it then, now would I?


Well, I'm off to click the camel.

A few quick thoughts:

So glad Obama is in office. Maybe now they'll stop talking about it.

Why did Israel stop in Gaza, just because of Obama?

Go Steelers Go!

Why is it SO important that we know if Galileo can see or not? Where are their supervisors?

Gotta go. Lemme know your thoughts.


Lori said...

damn the man.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Symo said...

Thanks Lori, was getting worried about ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Not that I am disagreement, but do you remember Saving Private Ryan - Tom Hanks' character talks about Gripes go "Up Hill"...being one of the "Man" and having at times close to 200 employees working for me, I too complain about my boss, as I am sure some of my direct reports complain about me. I am sure as much as your boss is slapping you upside the head, in efforts to show that he too kowtows to the company, he too is complaining about his boss, on his own blog...just something to think about.


Zerosum said...

yeah that does sum up the business world ... everyone is worried about the almighty dollar. Just make yourself that checklist and check him off while you are at it...sounds like a trickle down effect to me corporate style.

Vern said...

I almost never blog outside of company time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, poor Symo never blogs anymore - they must be "watching" his every move! Damn them all!