Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miley Cyrus, a hottie? Uhhhh.....

MSN TV, that paragon of journalism, is apparently in need of a good editor. I'll try to keep this one short because I've already posted twice today and have another one coming. Ah, the point.

What is wrong with this situation you might ask? Miley Cyrus, the 16 year old hottie! I think we should trump up charges of attempted child exploitation or something. It's not that she's not pretty, or famous or what have you. SHE'S 16! She does not qualify as "Hot", since she doesn't qualify as "LEGAL"! What the hell were you thinking MSN TV? If anyone were to think she were a hottie, they would certainly keep it to themselves. I'm sure there are situations where a grown man would look at an underage girl and think she's 18, and that's understandable and borderline acceptable. But we all KNOW that Miley is 16, so to overtly declare her as a "hottie" is disgusting, deplorable, immoral and a whole bunch of other words of indignancy that I won't put in here. But I should.

Good lord. I didnt' want to put the whole pic in there for bandwidth purposes, but she doesn't even look hot, she looks like she should, a 16 year old in a non-offensive dress. Plain. Not hot. But then again, we have other examples of what they consider hot here (sorry Cameron, not hot) and here (Frieda Pinto? You might be cute, but this is a horrible shot, and frankly, I'd be pissed if I were you. Not hot). I seriously think they need a new editor, because whoever chose these women, and these photos should be shot, and not with a camera. Some of the pics are good. Eva Longoria Parker looks good here, kinda, but most pics are off angle, bad poses, strange expressions. Horrible, just horrible! I feel sad for these ladies. I don't want to do any of them, and that's borderline impossible.

Frankly speaking, I could do better. MUCH better. So, Mr. Senior Editor, drop me a line and get me to do your photo ops next time. 'Cause whoever you got now, STINKS. I just finished the slide show, and Christina Applegate looks fine (not really hot, but beautiful. There's a difference). Overall? 1 or 2 of 19 photos is not a good ratio.

Oh, and Miley? NOT HOT! Jeez. You should be ashamed of yourselves MSN TV.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a law against Child Exploitation? BRCyrus should go away, and take his soon to be wacked-out-like-BSpears daughter with him...I am sick of EVERYTHING having her face on it. Only matter of time before the USPS issues a stamp. GO AWAY. I do realize that DisneyCo is great at marketing kids for kids, to suck us parents dry, and drive us insane...but now they got MSN TV convinced she is a "hottie"...yeah, if I was some perv...OMG...the world is really burning, 2012, end times, Armageddon, etc


Symo said...

Well, I certainly hope Miley isn't the precursor to Armageddon, but if she is, I WILL blame Disney.