Wednesday, June 10, 2009

48 hours of madness

Okay, more like 50. By the time anybody reads this, it'll probably be more like 2 if my hit counter is lucky. Regardless, after another well played home game by the Pens yesterday, we all have to wait for game 7 on Friday. 8:00 p.m. Channel 4. Just in case you didn't know. Yeah. Sure.

What a game though! I have noticed that all throughout the playoffs, the Wings have done this to the opponents when playing away games... start slow, pick it up halfway through, dominate the 3rd (not so much yesterday) . We can speculate about the what if's, but they aren't important. All that's left is game 7. Wings played for a shot at winning, but the Pens sent the message that more or less came across as "Not this time, you fucks". I can appreciate that on a lot of levels, so bravo again Pens. What a f*cking series.

This is the part that kills... the wait. I have confidence that the Wings will be fine going back to the Joe. Fleury has been weak on the road, so there isn't another player that has more pressure going into this last battle than him. Ozzy has been solid, nobody will question his play so far. Malkin and Crosby will have their blankets, which work both ways. It's up to the grinders to get this one put away, so it bodes to be good hockey.

But jeez. 48 hours? Sucks.

This has been the best and hardest final for the Wings since I've been watching them play (Never went more than 6 games). The whole atmosphere is different... I think once the Pens tied it up 2-2, the non-Wing-Pen fans out there are enjoying this series too. As I've said before, my friends have become adversaries, and some of the despised teams fans and I have common interests.

So, let's hope my sanity maintains itself for 2 more days, and may the best team win.

Go Red Wings!


Anonymous said...

To the Iron Maiden Song, "Can I Play With Madness?"

Give me the sense to blunder
To blunder and score three
Give me a sense of blunder
To know I can't see
Give me the strength to hold my stick up
Slash back in their face
Don't need no puck on the floor
Gonna fastbreak down the goal
Break out of this bad place

Can I play hockey?
The reporter stared at his microphone
Can I play hockey?
Theres no telepromter there at all
Can I play hockey?
The coach looked and he laughed at me
Can I play hockey?
He said you're short, old, and too blind to see


Symo said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

sorry about your team :(