Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crap. The lull begins! Let's laugh at the Liberals!

Yeah, I know... I said I wouldn't. Well, I'm bored out of my gourd. Today, one of my favorite douchy douche liberals, Bill Maher, had this to say(whole article here):

"Remember during the campaign when John McCain attacked Obama for acting like a celebrity and we all laughed at the grumpy old shellshocked fool? Well, it turns out he was right."

And how about this lovely tidbit?

" And like Lohan, we see your name in the paper a lot, but we're kind of wondering when you're actually going to do something."

But wait! There's more!!!

"Obama needs to start putting it on the line in fights against the banks, the energy companies and the healthcare industry. I never thought I'd say this, but he needs to be more like George W. Bush. Bush was all about, "You're with us or against us.""

With the privatization of GM and banks, and the prospect of socialized medicine looming over the horizon (shudder to think), I'm extremely pissed off that this guy (Obama, that is) is driving our country into a black hole of debt, and ultimately, despair.

However, there's a bright side! I feel like I'm the one riding the bomb to the ground, waving my hat and saying "Told ya so! You fucking SHEEP!" You bought into his rhetoric hook line and sinker, and what was said?

Iraq was an illegal war! We haven't done anything there! Well, according to the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD, Bush is being viewed as the dumbass who made the right move, creating a spot for democracy in the Middle East. I've been saying that since 1991, but everybody has been saying, "No, it's about Oil". Yes, oil is there, so it is a factor. But that doesn't change the premise that we needed to LIBERATE THE FUCKING PLACE. Okay? We did, it's working, and it's bringing... Oh, I dunno.... HOPE! CHANGE! And it wasn't even Obama, it was, you guessed it, BUSH. Assholes.

Oh, but how about that hope and change? Hoping he leaves me some change after he drives the economy into a ditch, illegally fires people who are doing their jobs, attempting to socialize medicine, which is incredibly difficult at best, and he wants it done by August or some shit. Claims not to want to run anything, so why do we have 40 Czars now? Come on, a 31 year old guy with no experience is now the president of GM. W.T.F.? The Europeans are making fun of us like never before, because now we don't stand for anything... we're just an apologetic entity, supported by funding from China. Wow. Great. Thanks for the image boost.

Okay, back to work. I just wanted to say something so y'all didn't think I offed myself after the loss.

Oh, Maher, you're a tool, and a cocksmoker.

See ya later, Comrades.

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