Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Too much has been happening lately. God rest your soul, Billy Mays. Your grating pitches were annoying, then endearing. We'll miss you.

Obama, I'm pissed at you too. What is it with you siding with known socialist dictators, yet ignore the pleas of dying Iranians... oh, wait, you did finally say something a week later or something. Whatever. Cap and Trade? Going to cause the major manufacturers of fuel to stop making it here. Great work with that, increasing our dependence on foreign oil. Healthcare fix? We're at 75% (or more) covered. That, and hospitals cannot deny treatment due to this thing called the hippocratic oath. Too many people ride the wagon for free as it is, I don't want to wait 5 months for a specialist, since there won't be many who will work for pennies. Unemployment is going to rise again, businesses are moving to Canada (and probably Mexico, soon) and taxes are going to increase. Rumblings about a Value Added Tax are coming around, which will make our economy better HOW?

Sure, the Republicans aren't much better with their family values of f*cking in Brazil, or Vegas, or New York. McCain wants to keep the illegals, the party as a whole is about as cohesive as a headless flock of chickens and Palin still thinks she can handle the spotlight. Not so much. I like Limbaugh, because at least he's just a recovering addict and losing weight so he has more to be righteous about.

Too bad about that girl that was killed in Iran... she was beautiful. The election is over, but I think the Iranians will figure out what's important in the long run. Not our business anymore. As we pull out of Iraq, and the Iraqis cheer our departure, I couldn't feel better about it, actually. We did establish the sentiment of freedom... now let's hope they all buy stuff so my investment in Iraqi dinars can pay off. The way our economy is tanking, I might make a LOT of money.

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