Monday, June 1, 2009

Hockey Goodness!

Good Lord.

Hossa this! Crosby that! Kronwall hit a guy hard! Guerin has bad breath! (That probably isn't true, but it's needed for the point here).

Shut up! All of you, you whiners about the non-calls, the bitching about this or that, shut up! Nitpicking to the utmost degree! We all know that Hossa didn't slash, there's a ton of clutching and grabbing and the series hasn't been all that interesting. YEAH RIGHT. If it wasn't so interesting, why are we inundated with all this blog crap?

Look, the Wings have had some luck, true. But you create your luck. Hard work pays off. All of the stupid cliches are working here, it boils down to 2 home wins for the Wings. I'm a Wings fan. I'm happy with the position. BY NO MEANS does it mean the lock is solid, because the Leafs back in forty-whatever came back from 0-3 to beat the Wings. It will NOT happen this year, but people have to just shut the hell up and watch the hockey games. Pens have been playing well, but Dan hasn't picked up on what Babcock is doing... nothing sinister mind you, but it's sneaky, and it's awesome. Can't tell you, he'd have me shot.

Helm? Score some more, would ya?

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