Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grats Pens.

Well, it happened. After Rafalski blew every chance he had to make a good play for the first 40 minutes, the little voice inside said "It ain't gonna happen". Hossa didn't score (tool), and it looked like everybody on the ice was thinking "Well, we won last year. No biggie". Except for that tool Hossa of course. You'd think he would've played to win.

So, all you Pens fans out there, you deserved this cup more than the Wings did, and it showed. Bylsma is a f*cking genius, that's for damned sure.

That's all for now. Have a nice weekend everybody.


Hept-Rossi said...

Congrats to you Symo for not being a typical douchebag Red Wings fan. If someone would have told me when we started this blog that one of our regular readers who we actually had respect for would be a Detroit fan from New Jersey I would have punched them in the mouth for speaking such blasphemy. I get shit wrong a lot of times and this was no different.

Sign Hossa and let's dance again next year.

Anonymous said...

Remember, in everything in life, there is always a loser, even the guy in second place. However, give them credit making it as far as they did. They did better than my SFL Rats...(Panthers). What I tell myself is this, "Better to have played and played poorly, then to not have played at all." We might be bummed, but, imagine how the Red Wings feel.

There is always next year. Besides, FOOTBALL SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING!!! WOOOHOOO

Symo said...

I appreciate that Hept (and Enviro), I'm trying to grow into a positive blogger, not a negative one. It's all about the love for the game ultimately.

There are rumblings that we'll be signing Hossa, and I suppose that won't be so bad, but I'm really not impressed with his play this post-season. He and Ozzy are polar opposites. We'll be mostly intact for next year, and hopefully the kids will get some more playing time during the next year.

Yeah, football is coming back soon, but it's not hockey. Besides, by the time football gets started, Hockey will be in pre-season, lol....

Now that I've had a couple days to think about things, I'm not sad about the loss. It happens. The ones that really hurt are the 4-0 sweeps that aren't any fun to watch. This year has truly been the best playoff season EVER, despite the home loss.

So, here's to hoping. I can live with that.